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The crazies are back

Remember this post I made back in October of last year about Stephanie Ackles?

Well...she's baaaaaack. Grrrr. >:[

We have...

http://twitter.com/#!/stephanieackles -- "My name is stephanie ackles, I'm 41 years old and married to supernatural star jensen ackles."

http://twitter.com/#!/biancaware11 -- Who claims to be the real wife of Jared Padalecki.

http://twitter.com/#!/lilianvivis -- Who is in league with the other two.

Honestly, I think all of these are the same person with multiple accounts. I could be wrong, but that's my suspicion.

If you want the full story, check out my previous post linked above. Word has it that Jensen, Jared, Clif, and all parties involved are aware of this crazy person and she's been reported to the authorities (FBI? I'm guessing). Yet, here she is...back again. *sigh*

It can't be said this started up because Jared joined Twitter because the Stephanie Ackles Twitter has been active since March 21st. Though Bianca Ware just started yesterday. Lilian Vivis has been on Twitter even longer. I keep going back through the tweets, but her claims are getting more and more ridiculous and my tolerance is wearing thin.

Some examples (click to see the images larger):

Trying to report Danneel Harris to the FBI for being crazy. LMAO

More of the same. Love her saying Danneel has "serious mental issues". What??? LOL Um, look in the mirror!

And we have the crazy claims about "The French Mistake" episode. *facepalms*

Btw, the claims about them all living in Jacksonville, Florida are still there, I see. Along with them filming the series there. LOL Um, gee....I guess all those fan sightings around Vancouver are WRONG! OMG XD Pardon me while I die laughing.

I could go on, but check out the Twitter links above and check it all out for yourself...if you dare.
Then, please block and report the three of them. As far as I know you can only report them to Twitter as Spam, which seems grossly inadequate, but maybe it'll help.

I'm just fed up with these sickos harassing the boys, their wives, or anyone associated with them.

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