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Overwhelmed by all the birthday love

I'm surrounded by some amazing people here online.

Starting Sunday night and all through Monday and even into today I've gotten birthday wishes & presents from...everywhere. I'm touched, honored, and so happy by the outpouring of love. Thanks for making my birthday extra special! :D


Thanks for Virtual Gifts from: ina_ami, wataru_kisugi, chrissy_ny, jellicle, dark_princess17, saurina, theron09, cowboyangel, mrsr58, enablelove, tariel22, & jennygeee.

Thank you for the B-day PMs from: alwaysateen, fabilimah, twigletmoo, trystan830, dr_ducktator, hezio2, asilia, nitro26, apieceofcake, si_star_x, animotus, & neenj61.

Also big thanks to the following who made posts on their journals or contacted me personally elsewhere:
mrsr58 (Love the wallpaper!), sinnerforhire (I'll treasure your gift always), metallidean_grl (Love the Jensen pic!), tracys_dream (One of my favorite Jensen pics!), fickleone (J2 looking oh, so handsome!), daisychain1957, theron09, willoweese, seesmooshrun, cassiopeia7, matchboximpala, cowboyangel, jessm78, malfana, a_phoenixdragon, pinkphoenix1985, x5vale, ckll, cologne_chick, si_star_x, & winsangel.

Edit: Also got belated birthday wishes from: kristypadalecki, justine_andrews, & captainlon. Thanks! ♥

I'd also like to thank everyone on Twitter & Tumblr who sent me messages & birthday greetings. *HUGS*

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