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Follow up on the Vancouver riots

Good to see the people of Vancouver rally and clean up the city after yesterday's mess following the Stanley Cup final. As voiced on my Twitter feed today, THIS is the Vancouver I know and love. :D


Saw the Vancouver police chief's press conference on the local news earlier.

The chief referred to those who took part in the riots as "young men and women disguised as Canucks fans who were actually criminals and anarchists. These were people who came equipped with masks, goggles and gasoline, even fire extinguishers that they would use as weapons."

Chu said many had also been arrested in violent protests in last year's Winter Olympics.


Not sure I buy that it was a small group of outsiders. From the video I watched last night, hundreds of people were actively involved in the destruction, fighting, and looting. Practically all were young males. The outsiders may have lit the flame of violence last night, but I suspect a lot of local and drunken idiotic youths kept it going.

Despite what happened last night, I believe this dark spot over the city is only temporary. As shown by the community's massive cleanup effort, Vancouver is still a beautiful city with good people. It's still the city I love to visit, my "2nd home to the north". :)

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