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More about the Vancouver Riots

Sorry, more about the riots. I don't mean to keep harping on this, but this was all quite shocking last night.

An excellent article stating that this was caused by more than just a small group of hooligans, as the mayor stated last night. The comments are worth a read as well.


Video shot by an onlooker. Make note of the girls trying to defend their car. Sad.

Warning: This one is really violent and there's a graphic beating around the 3 min. mark. Mostly people breaking windows and the few people trying in vain to stop them. Note that there are some girls who attempted to break windows.

One thing these videos show me...this was not a small group, this was not criminals or anarchists. This was a huge mob of mostly young adults who were drunk, angry, and got out of hand. Which makes me wonder what is up with the parenting of today's youth. It doesn't matter if they weren't all Canucks fans or Vancouverites. Senseless violence is just that and there was no reason for this kind of behavior.

I can't help but wonder why the police weren't more a presence from the very beginning. One of Seattle's TV reporters was there on the scene. He's got video of the first fire that was set and he repeatedly brings up that there were no police in sight. IMO if the police had been around the crowds from the beginning, they possibly could have put a stop to all of this before it escalated out of control and over 3 hours.

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