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Quickies 22 - Flist Edition

:: Sucky Saturday
Got up early, which was a miracle in itself, but then I had several sneezing fits. No doubt from the the allergies my mom & my aunt have been suffering from lately, but which I thought I'd avoided. The sneezes ended up injuring my tonsils, which is an old problem. For most of the day they felt larger and tender. They're still not quite back to normal, but they're better than they were. Top that off with lots of sleepiness after I had a late breakfast and a very wet, soggy weather day. Bleh. Pretty soon I wasn't feeling so peppy. So I didn't get much done at all outside of napping a lot, watching MASH eppies on the TV, and puttering around online. Even now, heading into bedtime I feel tired and drained. I hope Sunday is better.

:: Organizing
Saturday evening I did muster up enough brain power to organize some of my to-do lists and try a new system of keeping it all organized. Pretty new file folders that I haven't used yet were a good motivator. Time will tell if this works or not.

:: Family Update
Mom's doing fine. She's still having the hot flashes from the hormone pill she's on because of the breast cancer and while they bother her a lot at times, she refuses to take up the doctor's offer of medication to ease them. A little frustrating for me, but my mom's very stubborn. Meanwhile, my aunt is currently undergoing her own cancer treatments. You'll recall she had a hysterectomy a few months ago. It indeed was cancerous (endometriel cancer), but it was a rare version (like my mom's breast cancer was). After weeks of hearing what the doctor had to say, treatment-wise, and thinking it all over, she finally agreed to go the quick and easy route and have the radiation treatments. Unlike my mom's there's only 5 sessions for my aunt. It's internal, through the vagina, which is a little uncomfortable, but the alternative treatment if the cancer comes back from her not doing anything now was so much worse. The one drawback is that her treatments are about a half hour drive away. But luckily, after the 2 last week (the one on Friday was at 9 in the morning!), there's only 3 more. We'll both be glad when it's over and outside of being a little sore, my aunt is taking it just fine. After she's done there'll be a very tiny chance of the cancer coming back. Anyway, this contributed to my busy week and will be the same this coming week since I drive her to and from the appointments.

:: Events
I missed one earlier this month when one of the films I worked on back in 2008 had a 2nd premiere in Seattle. I would have loved to have gone, but parking was almost non-existent and I have no other way of getting into the city. So I skipped it...again. *sigh* I missed the first premiere too. I've never seen the finished product. The next big event is my 20th high school reunion on July 23rd. When I first heard about it I was all excited to go....now, not so much. What have I accomplished after all? I still live at home, take care of my mom and my aunt, have no job, and no boyfriend/husband. From what I've seen of some of my former classmates on Facebook, they're all working, married, and with kids. Normal, good lives. I've got nothing that can compare. If I had a job, I might feel a little better about the whole thing, but with circumstances the way they are, it hasn't been possible. I feel I'll be sorry if I don't attend, so I really haven't decided yet.

:: Father's Day
There was a tentative plan to go put flowers on my dad's and uncle's graves today, but my aunt declined, so we're staying home. I feel much the same way. After the week she and I have had going to her treatments, we need these 2 days off. Meanwhile, everyone online is posting this and that for Father's Day. Up until now, it wasn't bothering me all that much. I thought maybe this year I was going to skate by without feeling too bad, but I guess not. I got to thinking about it this evening and realized this is not only the first Father's Day my mom and my aunt will be without their dad, but also another reminder that practically all the men in our immediate little family are gone. My dad, my uncle, and my grandpa....all fathers and all gone. As much as I thought I was over it, today is still a reminder that my dad is gone and that I wish he was here.

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