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Exciting Capping News!

Have I got your attention? :D

I am currently "acquiring*" SPN Seasons 1-5 on BluRay! Whoo-hoo!!!!! \0/
Why is this so awesome, you ask? Because the video is BEAUTIFUL, the resolution is nice and big (1280 x 720), and best of all...no more annoying CW logo and ads!

What else does this mean? I'll be re-capping every episode that I've already done. I know...more work for me, BUT...I have...A PLAN!!!! Hee!

Honestly, I've never been happy with my Season 1 caps. I was new to the whole thing of capping and didn't cap everything I should have. Now I can rectify that. Luckily, I haven't yet started posting my other SPN caps from the other seasons. Yeah, a lot of work down the drain there, but that's okay. These BluRay caps are going to be far better than anything I could get from the DVDs. Bigger, really is better. ;)

The Plan: I'm going to cap all the seasons at the same time. Meaning...I'll cap/post 1x01, then 2x01, then 3x01...and so on. Do all the first episodes, then move onto the 2nd episodes for each season and so forth. This way there won't be a long wait while I work on one season at a time.

Have I got samples? Of course I do! None of these have been fixed by me in any way. You see them as they were capped right from VLC player in all their high resolution glory. :D
Note that my final caps will be adjusted for image quality when needed.
:: Click to see them larger ::

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