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All set for VanCon!

Well not ALL set, but the important items have been acquired. ;)

Got my Gold Ticket thanks to metallidean_grl. *hugs*
Got my Jared & Misha photo-op tickets.
Got my J2 photo-op ticket thanks to cattraine.
Got my Jensen photo-op ticket thanks to erikaaoi for a great price!

And yesterday mom & I reserved our room at the Best Western Downtown for Thursday, Aug. 25th - Wednesday, Aug. 31st (we check out that morning). Getting the hotel room reserved is a big load off my mind. Now we can concentrate on the shopping and getting our eyes examined (we're both way overdue for new glasses).

For those who are interested...I do indeed walk from our hotel to the convention hotel (Sheraton-Vancouver Wall Centre). It's 5 1/2 blocks and not all that far. Luckily, the downtown part of Vancouver isn't very hilly and the walk I take is a moderate incline. Now you know part of the reason why I'm walking around my neighborhood so much. It's good training for my walk in Vancouver. ;)

Here's a map to show my route and how far I have to go from our hotel (BW in the red circle) to get to the convention hotel (those big black buildings in the blue rectangle).

Looking forward to meeting metallidean_grl (she'll be one of my seat buddies) and seeing so many more of you. :D

By the way, the extra days (Monday & Tuesday) will be spent going around to filming locations. I was getting requests by people if they could come along with me to some locations, so I figured we'd need an extra day (originally we planned to leave on Tue). Naturally, I'll have the SPN Filming Locations list all updated by the convention so anyone can go and check them out themselves, but I'm also happy to take others around (or go with them). I really, truly hope I can catch the production filming somewhere this year. Came close last year, but it didn't pan out and the first year I passed right by where they were and didn't know it! Gah! I'm hoping the third time's the charm. :)

Can you tell I'm excited? *bounces* :D
As sucky as this year has been, once I knew I was going to be able to go back in April it's been the only thing I've been able to think about. It's the light at the end of the dark tunnel that has been 2011. Bring on VanCon!!!!!

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