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What could be next?

Mom just came into my room for a bit and I had the radio tuned into a 60s & 70s station. "New Kid In Town" by The Eagles started playing.

Mom: Is that Anne Murray?
Me: (trying not to laugh) No, that's The Eagles.
Mom: Never heard of them.
Me: That's a guy singing not a woman.
Mom: It's hard to tell sometimes.

A bit later into the song...

Mom: Is that a CD or the radio?
Me: Radio.
Mom: Do you have any of their songs?
Me: (thinks) A few...not many.
Mom: I just wondered. I like this song, the melody of it is nice.

Hee! My mom likes an Eagles song. Will wonders never cease? Honestly, she very rarely agrees with my music tastes, so this is a big deal. Bet she won't remember it later on though. :P

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