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Meme Time

Grabbed this one from txgirl0302. :)

current mood – Tired. Been a long, hectic day.
current crush – None in RL. My TV boyfriend crush is for Jensen Ackles. ;)
current thing I ought to be doing – Replying to comments or posting something.
current windows open – LJ, SiteMeter, Gmail, Twitter, Only2Clicks, & several tabs for downloading SPN BluRay files.
current desktop picture - A Jensen wallpaper, of course. ;)
current book – Don't really have one, too busy reading fanfic. :P

what colour is your hair – Brown w/some grey
have any tattoos – Nope
straight hair or curly – Straight
how tall are you – A little over 5' 11"

top - A Turquoise shirt w/a leaf pattern
pants – Blue Jeans
shoes – White Reeboks
necklaces – Negative
rings – Negative

last person you hung out with – My mom & my aunt.
last thing you said out loud – Um....I don't remember.
last thing someone said to you – See above. :P
last person you called - My aunt.
last person that rang you – Someone I didn't know/recognize the #, so I let it go to voice mail.
last time you cried – Not sure. Been a while though.

did you ever get into a fist fight in school - Nope
did you ever run away from home – Nope. Wanted to a few times, but never did.
did you ever want to be a doctor – No.
did you ever do something you regret – Oh, goodness, yes.

do you believe in god – Maybe...sorta. It's complicated.
do you know how to swim - Not officially, but I don't believe I'd drown if I was in a pool.
do you like roller coasters – Wouldn't know. Never been on one.
do you own a bike – Not anymore.
do you think you’d make a good mom – No. I'm awkward around kids.
asked someone out – No.
you ever been to the ocean – Absolutely, both US coasts.
have you ever gone fishing – Nope

what are you listening to – That 70s Show is on the TV
what was the last restaurant you ate at – Dairy Queen
what was the last thing you bought – Leverage: Season 3 on DVD at Best Buy on Thursday.

who is your current celebrity crush – Jensen Ackles :D
who was the last person you said i love you to – I have no idea.

ever really cried your heart out – I've probably come close a few times.
ever cried yourself to sleep – Yes
ever cried on your friend’s shoulder – Yes
ever cried over the opposite sex- Oh, yes...at least once.
do you cry when you get an injury – Only if it's really bad and painful. It's happened a couple of times. Once when I fell and sprained or broke a bone in my foot and when my mom was trying to dig out a splinter from my finger.

what can make you happy – My family, friends, a perfect day of doing something fun, listening to my favorite songs...there's lots of little things.
is being happy overrated – Not at all.

how many times have you had your heart broken - Once
anyone ever loved you so much that they’d die for you – If so I never knew it.
anyone ever said ‘i love you’ to you – Only my parents, relatives, a few friends.

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