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VanCon 2010: Autographs

Time to finally get these posted (after nearly a year). :P

:: Please don't post these anywhere else, 'kay? Thanks. :) ::

Aldis Hodge

This is a photo I took of Aldis at the first VanCon in 2009. I think I mentioned this to Aldis and he remembered. At least this time I could mention that I enjoyed watching Leverage because I hadn't seen the show back in 09.

Katherine Boecher

I had to buy an 8x10 pic in the Vendor's Rm for Katherine's autograph.

Matt Cohen

Another 8x10 from the Vendor's Rm for Matt.

Richard Speight Jr.

It was an easy choice in the Vendor's Rm with this pic of Richard. The only other one they had was the pic I'd had him sign in 09.

Samantha Smith

I recall someone in line ahead of me commenting on the beautiful bracelets Samantha was wearing. Sam then went on to describe where she got some of them. Always nice when the guests take a moment to talk to the fans.

Rob Benedict

I mentioned to Rob that I liked (and agreed) when someone during his panel brought up that Chuck in "The End" was very much like Radar on MASH. He totally agreed on the comparison. :)

Misha Collins

Again, these are photos I took at VanCon 09 & printed up. Cool that Misha was personalizing the autos this time because in 09 he didn't. Love the little heart! :D I wish I could remember what I said to him. Darn. I know we had a little exchange.

Jensen Ackles

Naturally, I remember the autos with the boys the most. *g* Unlike the first year, this time they had them apart, with Jared to the left of the stage and Jensen to the right. Kinda weird. I liked it when they were both in the same little curtained off area. They started us off with Jensen first and as some of you know the autograph line was where I had my bad moment back in 09 with Jensen. Gah! seesmooshrun (my seat buddy) was in line with me and also acted as my look-out for Clif.

First of all, the wait in line was long and I got so busy talking w/people in line that I realized I needed to figure out what I was going to say to Jensen! I had several options in mind. Meanwhile, we were moving up and eventually seesmooshrun and I could see Jensen. He had taken his jacket off and was in just the grey tee. *squee* The two of us fangirled quite a bit in line once we spotted this. Yes, there was much squeeing out loud (but quietly). :P Thanks again L, for being my wingman (wingwoman?). *hugs*

We were getting closer & closer and I see Clif approaching Jensen's table. Oh, no. Not again. "Go away. Go away!", I chanted under my breath. Seriously, I like Clif, but if you've read about my experience in 09, you'll understand. We got a little closer and Cliff stepped away. Phew! I'd bought an extra autograph ticket for Jensen (more face time!) so I was hoping this would guarantee I'd finally get my moment. I stepped up, trying to get my nerves under control while looking at this most extraordinarily handsome man. He signed the first pic (a collage of photos I took of him at VanCon 09) and after exchanging "Hi"s I brought up about his directing for the first time. I told him that I'd known way back in Season 1 that he would one day direct. Jensen chuckled and said, "Well, I'm glad you and a few others could see it 'cause I sure didn't." I think I brought up how he seemed so interested in the technical side of the production. He mentioned how he was a little nervous about how the episode turned out and hoped to find out what the fans thought of it. I assured him it would be wonderful and he'd know if we fans liked it or not. By then he'd signed the 2nd photo of him & Jared and my time was up. He flashed me that gorgeous smile a few times and...*heart flutters* it was wonderful!

I remember walking away shaking a little. JensenEffect! :P But I got my moment at last! So happy. :D

Jared Padalecki

Right after leaving Jensen's autograph line you got in line for Jared. I was still riding the high of being right in front of Jensen that I had nothing planned to say to Jared. So when I got up there I said something about liking his hair being cut a little shorter now compared to the season before. He agreed it was getting too shaggy. LOL Only now do I facepalm over this moment. WTH? I brought up his hair?!?! I've got to do a better job this year. Anyway, I had 2 autograph tickets for him as well. The first is a collage of my pics of him from VanCon 09 and then the joint pic with Jensen. I like the one w/both of them. (see above) :D

With the Con being in Vancouver, naturally a lot of the crew were around, especially on Sunday. One of them was Producer, Jim Michaels. He didn't have a panel, but while autographs were going on for Jensen & Jared, Jim was off to the side, talking to fans & just hanging out. I went over and waited for an opportunity to speak with him. I recall thanking him and all the crew for making such a great show week to week and he heaped all the praise back to the fans, saying we're the ones who've kept them on the air this long and how grateful they all are. I believe I also talked to him about a few of the sets. All around he was a nice guy to chat to and at the end I asked him to sign the back of my Gold Ticket. :D You can also see my seat number sticker that I saved. *g*

To see my other photos from VanCon, please use my VanCon 2010 tag.

That wraps up (finally!) my experience at VanCon 2010. Hope you enjoyed all the memories & pics. :D

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