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SPN Filming Locations: 2009 Photos - Part 2

While at VanCon 09, my mom & I drove around to various locations used for SPN. One thing I quickly found out is that I'm great at finding locations from hundreds of miles away, online, and through Google Maps, but put me in the actual area where everything is and I get lost! LOL Too funny. So I can find this stuff easily online but not in real life. :P We still had fun and got to see a lot of great locations.

I'm splitting this into 2 posts to cover the 2 days we went out. We left Vancouver on Tuesday, but spent the entire day roaming around hunting down locations, only heading south for home when it started getting dark.

:: Please don't re-post any of these photos without my permission. Thanks. :) ::

Rocky Point Park Pier
We started out by heading way east, out to Port Moody for this location used for the final scene in "Wishful Thinking". As you can see, the weather was a little grey/overcast.

Jensen sat in that last visible bench on the right. *g*

A closer view. I can also now say that they filmed that scene in the morning.

Flavelle Sawmill
This is right near Rocky Point Park Pier. In fact, I took these photos while standing on the pier.

This location was used for "Yellow Fever".

Fort Langley Marine Park
This was one of my "must see" sights and I'm so glad we drove all the way out to Fort Langley. There's actually quite a few locations there to see. This park, of course, was the location for the end of "Croatoan" and the beginning of "Hunted" where Dean told Sam what John said before he died.

Not sure if they removed the benches or they weren't there when they filmed the scene, but the Impala was parked approx. where they are.

This is the spot where the boys drank their beer and talked. Right between the tall poll and the short one.

We spotted this comparatively new board, making us imagine this is where they got the Impala into position on the grass. This wooden fencing goes all along the park, so it only makes sense that they had to get the car in this way.

Mavis & River Rd in Fort Langley
Seen in "Croatoan", this is where we see the boys drive into town and Dean later leaves in the Impala to look for a way out.

Village Square Courtyard
This yellow building was the medical clinic in "Croatoan".

The tree in front of the green building to the right was also where the boys found Castiel in "The Song Remains The Same".

Taken from a similar angle as the spot in "Croaton" when the boys leave the now empty town at the end of the episode.

Delta, BC
Off to Delta to the west, where much of "Dead In The Water", "Simon Said", & "In The Beginning" were filmed. There's a wealth of locations here, just within a few blocks. Andy's van was parked next to this green building and later on in "Simon Said", the Impala was found here by the boys.

In "Simon Said" the boys watched Andy leave the yellow building (w/a gal waving at him from that window visible between the trees). The above pictured Canadian Legion building is actually just to the left, across the street from the grey building. The boys come around the corner of this building when they find where Andy parked the Impala.

Dean woke up on a bench in front of this building in "In The Beginning".

This is where the Impala was parked in the final scene of "Dead In The Water". You can actually see Ladner Motors in the background of the shot. I recall walking right past that Ladner Motors and you could see a beautiful old car in there - bright red. Dean would've drooled over it. I think I did too.

This is where Sam stopped the doctor from shooting up the place in "Simon Said".

This is the clock tower in front of the Delta Museum & Archives building. We saw this in "Simon Said" and Dean & Cas had a conversation here in "In The Beginning".

I must admit I had one of those "They were here moments" while standing in front of this clock. *g*

This is Ladner United Church, seen in "Dead In The Water".

A closer view, and if you stand in front of this church as Sam & Dean did and turn to your right you'll see...

Claire's Bed & Breakfast, which was Peter Sweeney's house.

Back into the thick of the town for another spot from "Simon Said". I basically took this picture where the Impala was parked when the boys found it, rounding the corner of that grey building on the left.

This road is where Andy stole the Impala from Dean in "Simon Said".

There's a shot of Dean taken from this direction when he calls Sam about losing the Impala. "He full-on Obi-Waned me! It's mind control, man!"

Also in Delta, you'll find this familiar spot from "The Magnificent Seven" where Demon!Envy compelled that one woman to go after those green shoes.

Fantasy Garden World
In Richmond, and on our way to Steveston, we came across this great location where they filmed "Monster Movie".

No longer in business, this attraction is surrounded by a big, blue fence, but you can poke a camera lens in here & there.

They filmed in the interior, but the outside is really interesting.

Steveston, BC
Another town with multiple locations to find. A lot of "Mystery Spot" and "Swap Meat" were filmed here. The back of this building was used in both episodes though most notably in "Mystery Spot" as the place where Dean finally died on Wednesday. [I have better pictures of this spot from 2010.]

George's Taverna, home of great Greek food (so I've heard) and seen at the end of "Bloody Mary" when the boys are driving past and Sam sees Jess standing on that corner to the right. You also see this spot at night as Sam is talking on the phone w/Dean in "Swap Meat".

This is the street the boys walk down repeatedly in "Mystery Spot".

The Serenity building in the middle is where the 2 guys were trying to get the desk inside. "What do you want, a Pulitzer?" and where poor Dean got squashed by the same desk.

In "Mystery Spot" you can see the Impala parked along that white building and the left corner is where Dean gets hit by the car going the wrong way.

Another view of that corner where Dean gets hit by the car and looking up the street the boys walk along.

One more view of the sidewalk the boys walked down in "Mystery Spot".

There's also a few locations we drove past, but I wasn't able to take photos of:
* Riverview in Coquitlam (home of so many SPN episodes it is considered another set by the cast & crew)
* Heritage Hall in Vancouver (Seen in "Hell House")
* Queen St. & St. Johns in Port Moody (This is where Todd turned over the car full of other kids and nearly killed Dean in "Wishful Thinking")
* Vogue Theatre in Vancouver (Seen in "Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag". Technically, I do have a photo of this from the roof of our hotel on Granville St.)

That's it for Part 2. Next will be photos I took of locations during VanCon 2010.
If you want more information about these locations & the episodes used for all of them and more, check out my SPN Filming Locations: Master Post w/PDFs & Google Map.

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