raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

And there was much fangirl squeeing

Got up late today after staying up too late watching youtube videos and get on Twitter like I always to to catch up with the overnight tweets.

I'm scrolling down & I find that @mattcohen4real is using one of my VanCon 2010 photos as his Profile pic!!!! OMG *flails*

There's also some of my pictures on his website on the Bio page: http://www.mattcohen.info/Matt_Cohen_The_Official_Page/HOME.html

This is so cool! But how did he find my pictures? Is he secretly stalking me? *shifty eyes* :P
It makes me doubly proud because it's one my favorite photos of him from the weekend. :D

Photographic evidence...click for larger:

Matt's Twitter page & Profile pic w/my photo for comparison.

That's a collage I made of my photos of Matt in the lower right hand corner of his website's Bio page.

Tags: actors: matt cohen, fangirling, links, pictures, squee, twitter, vancon 2010
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