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Quickies 23 - Flist Edition

:: Busy Monday
Took my aunt to her last follow-up doctor appoint. after her radiation treatments. Doc says she only has a 2% chance of the cancer returning. My aunt's car has been in the shop for over a month now. It's only 25 years old. LOL Needs a lot of work, but once she gets it back she'll be looking for a new one. So I took her to the Post Office and grocery shopping and then she wanted to take us out to eat to celebrate being done w/her treatments and all the many doctor appointments of late. So the 3 of us went to Ivar's then went for a drive. My aunt was directing us and I must say, we ended up in a bad part of town. I was thinking, "Uh...what are we doing here? I sure hope we don't end up in the middle of a shooting." I knew we should've gone over to the pier instead to see the sunset. Once mom & I got home we both agreed it had made us both nervous to be in that area. All I could think of was Sam in "Hammer Of The Gods"...."Uh, next time I say Let's keep driving....Let's keep driving!" :P Yeah, next time I'm not letting my aunt direct us for a drive. We're going to the pier!

:: 4x01 Caps
Obviously with all that went on Monday, I haven't had time to work on them at all. Now it's too late and I'm way too tired. With any luck we'll be home all day Tuesday and I can finish them off and get them posted by the evening.

:: Family Health News
Mom's achey, painful hands have been diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis, which her doctor says they can treat. Another new wrinkle to deal with. She's already got regular arthritis in her knees and back. Her A1C is a bit high, but the doctor's adjusting her medication for that. Everything else is fine. She still has the hot flashes from the hormone pill, but she says it's not too bad, even though sometimes they keep her from sleeping much at night. Lately her left shoulder and arm have been hurting. Somehow she's overusing the muscles. Even with all that, can't complain too much. Things could be worse. My aunt is doing fine. She had a bout of gout in her ankle on Sunday. I went over there to help her a bit, but with one of my mom's pills (my aunt's pills were too old) she was doing much better by the evening.

:: Diet? I prefer better living
Still battling the weight, but I'm encouraged by my jeans fitting looser compared to how they used to. Must be doing something right. I'm trying to eat as little as possible and eating more fruits & vegetables. Had a sandwich for lunch yesterday, but I think it will be my last for a while. I know the carbs in bread is my downfall and I've been easing up on my consumption, but it's hard. I love bread but I'm using crackers and eating turkey wraps most often for lunch. I hope it works in the long run. I'm using a scoop to decrease the amount of ice cream I have each night and I feel very good about that. Now if I could just get my sleep schedule under control again and go walking more often I'd be making real progress.

:: Borders' liquidation sales could start Friday
For years there's been the 2 big bookstores: Barnes & Noble and Borders. I love them each for different reasons, but Borders was always my favorite. It had everything I love under one roof: books, music, magazines, and movies. Like with B&N there were 2 Borders stores close by where we live. One has already closed in the company's first set of closures. Soon the other one will be gone too. I could see the writing on the wall last year when I saw them decrease their CD section to almost nothing. It's sad to lose such a great haven for books and music. I've bought a good many things from Borders over the years and this is like saying goodbye to a dear friend. I'll miss the times I went to the listening stations to check out new music, and of roaming the bookshelves for cool new finds.

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