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SPN Filming Locations: 2010 Photos - Part 1

For VanCon 2010 we stayed an extra day, which meant and extra day to hunt down locations. :D
This time I had the opportunity to go around with some fellow fans and despite the sometimes rainy weather, much fun was had.

I'll be breaking this up into 3 posts to cover the 2 1/2 days. Enjoy! :D

:: Please don't re-post any of these photos without my permission. Thanks. :) ::

The first trek out location hunting was on the Monday after the con and hells_half_acre came along with us. Even though she lives in Vancouver, she hadn't ventured out much to see a lot of the locations so it was a lot of fun to show some to her. :)

The Watchman Set
I still wish I'd known about this location back in 09, because I'm pretty sure you could see it all a lot easier than you can now. However, it does help that it's surrounded by strip malls and the one next door is a little bit above the set, so you can get a good look from the parking lot.

A wider view from the parking lot.

Another view from across the street. You can't see as much from here, but this is looking down the main street of the set.

Behind that fence is the street scene they used when the Winchester brothers and Ellen and Jo encounter Meg in "Abandon All Hope...".

New Westminster Parkade
After driving around the Studio in Burnaby we headed off to New Westminster and accidentally stumbled upon this location. The parking lot to the right is where they filmed the opening to "On The Head Of A Pin" where Cas finds the killed angel with all the cars.

A closer view of just the parkade. We were pulled off at a business across the street so we couldn't go over and actually see the inside which would've been cool.

Fort Langley Marine Park
Had to show hells_half_acre this famous spot. :) This time I got this shot which looks very similar to the one they used in "Croatoan".

Village Square Courtyard
That spot in back of the white car is approximately where Dean & Sam were after time traveling to the 1970s in "The Song Remains The Same".

The Fort Neighborhood Pub
Also in Fort Langley, this pub was seen briefly in "99 Problems".

This bridge was seen in the same episode.

More of Fort Langley. You can see this building in "Croatoan". It's across the street from the Village Square Courtyard.

Delta, BC
Next we went off to Delta to see the numerous locations in that quaint little town. This is the alley between the Barber Shop and The Boot & Sombrero where Dean and Mary fought in "In The Beginning". It's certainly a lot smaller than it appeared on screen.

The clock tower in front of the Delta Museum & Archives building.

A closer view this time of South Coast Casuals from "The Magnificent Seven".

The yellow building seen in "Simon Said".

That building in the background is where the Lakefront Motel was that Andrea directed the boys to in "Dead In The Water".

A different view from 09 of the parking spot for the Impala from the end of "Dead In The Water".

Where Sam stopped the doctor from shooting up the sports store in "Simon Said".

Standing in front of Massey's, this is the street Sam looks up as he sees Andy driving the Impala in "Simon Said".

Down the same street a ways is where Andy stole the Impala from Dean.

You can see this house as Dean realizes he's lost his beloved car. *g*

Similar to the photo I took in 09, this is where the boys found the Impala. They came right around the corner of that grey building on the left.

Looking down the street we see in the opening of "Simon Said". Note the clock tower down at the end. That red bike stand is also approx. where the bench was that Dean woke up on in "In The Beginning".

Delta Automotive Ltd.
We were on our way out of Delta when we happened upon this spot from "In The Beginning" where Dean directs John to buy the Impala.

Wider view. We were actually in the parking lot where the big bad wolf attacked the grandma in "Bedtime Stories".

River Road Pull-off
Of course, no location tour is complete without stopping by this River Road location. *g* This angle shows it as we saw it in "Metamorphosis".

Where the green car is marks the spot where John and the boys parked in "Salvation".

Viewed from the other side. The gravel was all graded nicely with no potholes so I think they had filmed here recently.

That's it for Part 1.
If you want more information about these locations & the episodes used for all of them and more, check out my SPN Filming Locations: Master Post w/PDFs & Google Map.

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