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Real Life catch-up

Howdy, Flist! Long time no see. :D
I was seriously going into LJ withdrawl the other night. Missed perusing through your entries. Looking forward to getting back to my normal postings again. Wish I could say I used LJ's downtime to get other things done, but it really didn't turn out that way. :P

Really haven't been home much over the past few days. On Friday Mom & I did some clothes shopping and sadly didn't end up with much. Went to three stores and only got a pair of jeans. *sigh* Monday my aunt's car was put into the shop - again. *sigh* She had to have it towed in from a friend's house. A hose had sprung a leak. On Tuesday we three went back up to my grandparent's house to do more cleaning and sorting. Been a month since we'd been up there. Spent hours sorting through my grandma's ceramic and travel books and papers. We didn't get home until nearly 3 a.m.

Then Thursday mom & I went shopping at one of the bigger malls in the area. That place is so huge it's like being at Disneyland. Unfortunately, again, we didn't find much. Really don't care for the current 60s hippy style in clothing. Bleh. And if I do find something in my size that has nice colors, more than likely the neckline is huge! Why do designers feel the need to make a friggin' big neckline? I might have a big chest and moderate belly but my neck is small. Sheesh. Just because I have to buy plus-size clothing doesn't mean I'm huge everywhere. Oh, and it didn't help that just about every store we were in was blasted hot inside. Where's the A/C people?!?! When I'm trying on clothes I don't enjoy being a sweaty mess. *sigh* /rant Anyway, I only got 2 more tops, which brings my grand total thus far to five. We still have a couple other malls to go to and some other independent stores scattered around, but Friday we're staying home. Been a busy week and mom & I are both dog tired.

Backtracking here...on Wednesday my aunt got her car back and after mom & I picked up a few groceries we all went out to eat at our favorite Chinese buffet. Afterwards we drove a little further south to a small airport where you can get a great view of Mt. Rainier. So I snapped this pic of the mountain with the setting sunlight. :D

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