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Eeeeee! I got one!!!!!

corellian_sugar went to Comic Con last week and was tweeting about her experiences. One such tweet with a picture, was that she'd gotten her lucky hands on the much coveted SPN Bag! I sent her a reply tweet of "Yes!!!! So sweet! :D" and next thing I knew she's telling me that it's mine and she'll mail it as soon as she got home. OMG!!!! *flails wildly*

Sure enough, it arrived yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. OMG Look at it!!! It's so huge (27 x 24 inches...whoah) and pretty!

Granted, I still think the snake on Sam's arm is kinda weird and silly, but wow this thing's gorgeous! corellian_sugar, sweetie, you're the best! You rock, girl! I totally didn't expect such a generous gift. Thank you again!!! *hugs* :D

I've got a thought of taking this to VanCon and having all the guests sign it, but then again it might be kinda awkward having it in my backpack along with the fact that I didn't actually attend Comic Con. Anyway, it's an idea. We'll see what happens with it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the pretty. :D

Tags: conventions, fangirling, flist, personal photos, real life, squee, supernatural, twitter
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