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SPN Filming Locations: 2010 Photos - Part 3

For VanCon 2010 we stayed an extra day, which meant and extra day to hunt down locations. :D
This time I had the opportunity to go around with some fellow fans and despite the sometimes rainy weather, much fun was had.

I'll be breaking this up into 3 posts to cover the 2 1/2 days. Enjoy! :D

:: Please don't re-post any of these photos without my permission. Thanks. :) ::

Wednesday and our last day in Vancouver. It also means the busiest day for location hunting since we check out of the hotel and then drive around until the sun starts to set before heading south for the border and home.

Canadian Motion Picture Park
We started off in Burnaby and the studio. Various trailers on the eastern side of the studio buildings. Not sure if these were for SPN or not.

Lots more trailers just next door.

Tents and equipment hidden behind the fence.

The sign by the main gate.

The main buildings of the studio. Didn't want to take a chance of driving around back this time after 2009's incident. :P

Dean let's Sam fix the Impala Scene from "Fresh Blood"
Took a little while to get to this location, which is near the studio, but I'm so glad we found it. :)

LuLu Island Trestle
This is the other end of the trestle as seen in my 2009 photos. You have to park and walk on a path to get to this end. This spot here was were the boys talked about the case (& Sam nursed his wounds) in "After School Special".

We've seen this part of the trestle the most over the seasons.

This is the side of the trestle we've seen the most in the episodes: "Hook Man", "Fresh Blood", & "In The Beginning".

A look across the river to the other side of the trestle.

The Terminal Pub
Next we drove east to New Westminster to this location used in "Asylum", "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" (interior only), & "The Magnificent Seven".

The Bridal Gallery
Driving through New Westminster we picked up a couple more locations. You'll recognize this one from "Criss Angel Is A Douchebag".

Lorne Mews
And this building from "Hook Man". I'm quite proud of these two photos...snapped them quickly while we were stopped at a traffic light. *g*

Final scene of "Family Remains"
We then drove out to Surrey and found this spot where they filmed Dean confessing to Sam that he enjoyed torturing souls in hell. Mom & I also parked in the golf course's parking lot and ate a little snack. :)

Thomas Joseph Brown House
A little ways down the road and you'll see this location seen in "Faith" & "Family Remains".

As you can see it's gotten an interesting paint job since it was used back in Season 1.

Timberland Hotel & Campground
A little further south and we came to this spot, used in "Hell House", "Bloodlust", & "The Kids Are Alright". There wasn't a good spot to really get out and take a pic, so I pulled off on a side street and snapped a quick one while still in the car.

Steveston, BC
We always end up in this town on our way out of Canada. You'll recognize this building as the one where the two guys were trying to move in the desk from "Mystery Spot".

This is the back of the building where they filmed Dean's final death in "Mystery Spot" and where Gary drove the Impala into the garbage dumpsters in "Swap Meat".

The car was parked in that 2nd spot when Dean died in "Mystery Spot". *wibbles remembering the scene*

Sam walked down this side of the street at night in "Swap Meat" just before getting hit by the dart.

This is the little park where he got hit with the dart. Note you can see George's Taverna in the background.

A better view of the little park from the street.

One of the store fronts we saw the boys walk past in "Mystery Spot".

George's Taverna and the power pole we saw Jessica's spirit disappear behind in "Bloody Mary".

The building the Impala was parked along in "Mystery Spot" and the corner where Dean got hit by the car.

The street Dean and Gary pull out on in "Swap Meat".

The Impala was parked right along here as Dean & Gary talk about the case.

The restaurant at the Steveston Hotel was where they filmed the scene of the boys eating and discussing the case in "Swap Meat".

Me trying to get a pic of the interior of the restaurant from across the street without looking like a total creeper. lol Yep, that's me reflected in the glass.

The Buck & Ear, seen in "Mystery Spot" & "Swap Meat".

That's it folks. Hope you've enjoyed the photos. Looking forward to finding more locations (& hopefully catching the production filming) this year during VanCon. Less than a month away!!!
If you want more information about these locations & the episodes used for all of them and more, check out my SPN Filming Locations: Master Post w/PDFs & Google Map.

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