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♦ I keep staring at my new header & background. They look so nice together. :D

♦ Thomas Newman is a great composer. You want a movie soundtrack invoking back country roads, small town America, lazy summer afternoons, soft breezes, and snow covered squares, he's the one you want. Some of my favorite soundtracks are by him. *loves*

♦ I keep wondering if the Daily Fanart pieces of my Caps Redone is just a stupid idea. What am I doing? Slapping a few effects to caps I've already posted here and saying, "Hey! Look! It's different!". Lame. Am I right? I keep feeling I'm doing a disservice to all of you.

♦ I have yet to finish watching Fringe. It's really starting to bug me, but how do I manage finding the time to watch it with VanCon looming before me? *sigh*

♦ There's already been talk of going to VanCon again next year. OMG *squee* :D

♦ I want to start posting my Season 6 caps and doing my S6 B&W Fanart, but again, VanCon prep is sort of taking over at the moment. Might have to wait until Sept.

Tags: livejournal, ramblings, randomness, status report, tv: fringe, vancon 2011
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