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FanFic Rec: "On The Surface" by GaelicSpirit

This author is fast becoming one of my favorites, right up there with Hannah H. Korrosy. Great h/c writers, the both of them. :D

If you like lots of hurt boys (especially poor Dean *g*) then you'll like this fic. I must admit, the main plot of the case was a little lost on me at times since I found I was getting characters mixed up and really couldn't grasp what was going on, but that didn't hamper my enjoyment at all. Loved how just when you thought the boys couldn't endure anymore suffering they're put to the test once again, with nearly fatal consequences.


One of my favorite passages of the entire fic:

The fever brought out the fight in Dean that Sam had been so afraid he'd lost somewhere beneath the ice.

The warrior who put himself between Sam and the darkness, the man who'd stood up to every nightmare, the brother who'd willingly stayed behind when Sam thought he would be taken over by a demonic virus, all variations had appeared that night as the fever burned down Dean's walls, exposing him.

Sam had never loved his brother more.

Oh! *wibbles* Read this fic. H/C fans won't be disappointed. :)

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