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Status Report: Capping & SPN Locations List

I've capped 2x02 from the BluRay file, but after doing a sort & delete and then trying to fix the caps in PhotoScape, I realized I wasn't going to have them ready for Monday. I can't settle on the correct settings and after a while I lose perspective and get tired of looking at the images. By all rights I should delete a few more before I fix them. I'm now aiming for posting the caps sometime Tuesday.

I've worked some more on the Locations List (LL):

:: Finished finding and marking Season 6 locations on my Google Map.

I worked on Wednesday and tonight for a total of 7 1/2 hours.

I still need to re-arrange items on the Google Map, so that'll be next. It's a little frustrating not to be able to find locations for the last 3 episodes. However, they were either in studio or at Bobby's house and they did film 6x21 at Terminal City.

Ah, Ha! Moment: Found Castiel's heaven at Jericho Park. I'm pretty sure it's the spot.

Next I need to capture street views of the locations I've added to the Google Map for use in my LJ posts. Still a lot of work to do and only....eeep! barely 3 weeks to get it all done!

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