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Posting Status

Normally I'd be capping the next SPN eppy to post on Monday, but that won't be happening for the time being. I was hoping to be able to work on such things right up to VanCon, but time is going fast and I need to devote my time to working on the Locations List and packing.

So there won't be anymore SPN caps posted until after I return from VanCon.

As for my other posts...

Just 'Cause - Will continue daily, hopefully also while I'm at VanCon.
Daily Fanart - I hope to keep these posts going as well up to and during the con.
Name That Cap Challenge 3 - Will continue up to Tuesday, August 23rd. I'll post who guessed the previous cap correctly and then we'll pick up the challenge again once I get back in Sept.

As for my comm: spn_ontheset, I'll try to keep posting there daily at least up to the con, but I may not have time to post while I'm gone.

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