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Quickies 24 - Flist Edition

:: The eyes have it
Mom & I got our eyes examined Tuesday. We didn't really plan it that way, was just going to look at more frames at Lenscrafters, but the Dr. was available so we went for it. I haven't had my eyes examined or new glasses in 17 years and it's been even longer for my mom. The whole process took over 3 hours, but we got good news. Mom's eyes aren't showing any effects from her diabetes and her cataracts are minimal. The doctor said my eyes were healthy and in fact my prescription hasn't changed much. Yay! We're hoping to pick up our new glasses before we have to leave for VanCon on the 25th, but if not they'll still give us lenses in the frames so we'll still have workable glasses to wear on our trip. But here's hoping we get the full deal in time. *fingers crossed*

:: VanCon Prep
Car's going in the shop for routine maintenance and a full inspection Wednesday (today).
Mom & I still plan on getting our hair cut...probably next Monday.
We've got food that we'll be taking up w/us to shop for on Friday.
Gotta find some duckys to buy. :D
In among all that we need to start packing. Yeah, haven't started yet. lol :P

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the LL and I need to figure out what other pics to print out for possible autographs. Still considering the Comic-con bag, but it's so friggin' big. Might not be practical to take to VanCon for 3 days. Besides, what kind of shape will it be in by the end after being folded and unfolded repeatedly? Still, I think it's a cool idea. *ponders*

:: LJ/Flist woes
Been working on getting caught up replying to comments before we leave and I'm still hoping to make it.
Been so busy that I'm now behind on making some birthday icons. Fail! I'm sorry my friends. I'll try to get to them in the coming days and at least have a big birthday icon post by this weekend sometime.

At the same time I'm still thinking of doing a friends cut. Was planning on it before and now, well...there's no time.

:: Locations List
Speaking of the LL, it's coming along, but I'm definitely feeling the crunch of getting it done in time. The Google Map is done and I'm nearly done pulling Season 6 location caps.

Next I need to:
* Add the new locations to the old LJ posts
* Make new LJ posts for the Season 6 Locations
* Update the old PDF files and re-upload to MediaFire
* Make new Season 6 PDFs and upload those to MediaFire
* Make a new list of the locations based on area

That's all. Easy peasy, right? LOL
*whimpers* I'm never gonna make it.

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