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SPN Locations List Project: Progress

Got a lot of work done on the LL Wednesday.

:: Marked a printed out list of the locations on the Google Map based on cities. (Which I've now discovered was pointless...ah, well)
:: Uploaded new maps & Google Street Views to Photobucket
:: Made 2 new separate Google Maps. Map #1 is of locations in Vancouver & North Vancouver. Map #2 is of locations in Burnaby & New Westminster.

The 2 new Google Maps are an effort to make the LL more user-friendly based on location instead of episode. I found out how to import Google's KML file to a new Google Map. It also helps to have a full back-up file of all those locations on the main Google Map. I will be keeping the full Google Map btw.

Oh, and the former links to the original Google Map might no longer work. I had a slight mishap and started editing that map instead of my copy. Ooops! All will be fixed by the time I post everything. In the meantime, if you need the link to the full Google Map of Locations before then, just let me know.

The process of making the smaller Google Maps is slow. I have to import the whole list of locations, then delete one by one all the places I don't want on that particular map. I have at least 5 more maps in the works, but now that I know the process it should go faster. Too bad there's not a "mass-delete" function in Google Maps. *sigh*

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