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VanCon + Comic Con Bag: What to do?

You'll recall I got one of those awesome SPN Comic Con bags from corellian_sugar last month?

Since then I've been toying with the idea of taking it to VanCon to have it signed.

Option 1: Have just Jensen & Jared sign it.
Option 2: Have guests that were in Season 6 (since that's across the top of the bag) sign it.
(This would be: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Steven W., Corin N., Sebastian R., and Guy Bee)

Option 3: Skip the bag and have Jensen & Jared sign the SPN TV Guide cover issue (I have an extra one).
Option 4: Have all the guests just sign photos, like I usually do.

I looked it up and there have only been SPN Comic Con bags for 2008, 2010, and then this year's. And I believe the big deal this year is that the SPN panel didn't do any autographs at this year's Comic Con. So I'm thinking a 2011 Comic Con bag with autographs would be a pretty cool.

If I go w/option 2 and have people from Season 6 sign, that would still leave out 5 guests that I'd have to have sign photos instead.

Note: I have no extra autograph tickets, only what comes with the Gold Ticket (which includes almost everyone). It's too late to buy any extras for Jensen & Jared and besides, at $99 it's a bit steep. I'm going fairly conservative this year, since I decided to go so late. I'm hoping to splurge a bit more next year.

As far as taking the Comic Con bag to VanCon there are a few cons:

:: It's friggin' HUGE. Would I have room in my backpack for it, even folded up neatly?
Edit: I have managed to roll it up which makes it much smaller and easier to store in my bag.
:: Would folding and unfolding it repeatedly damage it?
:: Would it be safe to have such a thing with me? Would I be opening myself up to possible theft?

What do you think oh, wise and wonderful Flist? Opinions?

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