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SPN Season 7 Promo & Caps!

A brand new promo for Season 7 aired after tonight's rerun of "Mommy Dearest". *squee* :D

All caps posted here at 853x480.

Beware of spoilers & speculation within. ;)

Thanks to RackOnInNC for the video.

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We're a little over a month away! Cas voice over: "Be thankful for my mercy."

Uh oh, who's bleeding?

Sam's in trouble!

This looks like the Panic Room to me. Thoughts?

Dean: "Cas this isn't you. Who are you?"

Castiel: "I'm God."

Sam in more peril? o.O

Death returns!

That looks like Crowley to me.

Bobby with the boys doing some ritual.

Sam in trouble...again! Eeep!

Chain through the ceiling. That can't be good.

Poor Sam!

Poor Cas. :( That's a lot of blood.

Maybe Jimmy's body can't handle being God? Like Nick's body deteriorated housing Lucifer?

Looks like he's in some kind of political campaign office.

Castiel: "The Castiel you knew, is gone." Ooooh.

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