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SPN Locations List Project: Google Maps Done!

Yes, I believe I can finally say all the Google Maps of Locations are finished.

There are now 8 maps based on locations alone, pairing up certain areas for proximity. I deleted the old, original full Google Map because I found out some of the info. on it was incorrect anyway. There is a new "Complete" map available with all the locations in one spot.

Links to all Maps (Sorry they're not listed in order. Stupid Google.)

For those that were wondering, there is a Print feature on Google Maps so you can print out a list of just the locations in a certain area using my maps.

As for the mistakes I found: Inter City Motel is now correctly located in Burnaby and Cedar Lane Motel is now correctly located in White Rock. I'll be fixing the LJ post & PDF for Cedar Lane Motel accordingly.

Hours worked so far on this project (since July 23rd) = 33 1/2 hours

Now it's time to start working on the LJ posts, updating the old ones and making a new set for Season 6. I'm hoping this will be the easy part. Heh. As if any of this is easy. :P

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