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Picspam: Vancouver BC - Sheraton Wall Centre

In preparation for this month's VanCon, I've been preparing to do a few picspams in honor of Vancouver. This will be in 3 parts: Vancouver, certain city landmarks, and then a third picspam featuring the convention hotel, the Sheraton Wall Centre. :D

For the final picspam, I chose to concentrate on the VanCon hotel, the Sheraton Wall Centre. Once the tallest building in the city, it's still a towering beacon in the skyline. For those who are seeing this lovely hotel for the first time and for those who have returned again and again...enjoy. :D

Once again, none of these pics are mine. I found them all on Flickr.

Click on the images to see them full-sized

The hotel takes up an entire block.
The main tower and fountain out front.
Btw, Jensen mentioned at VanCon 09 that he actually lived at this hotel during the first 2 seasons of SPN.
Main lobby where you'll usually find a lot of people and during the convention, lots of friends reuniting or meeting for the first time.
I know this seating area in the lobby well.
Bar One right nearby is a nice place to watch for some of the stars and the production crew. I saw Danneel here chatting with some fans back in 2009.
The Grand Ball Room. This is where most of the action during the convention happens.
To the right is the Pavilion room where the Gold Ticket Sunday Breakfast is held for the convention.
A view of English Bay at sunset from the top of the hotel tower.
I often walk right past this fountain on my way inside and to the convention.
These blocks look pretty, but warning, at night it's pretty dark and they're not too safe for walking on. That's St. Andrews-Wesley Church in the background. Seen in several SPN episodes.
I love the lights in the trees.
I love walking outside at night and seeing the pretty fountain and trees all lit up.
Can you tell I like the lit trees? I wanted to take some pictures like these myself last year, but it didn't happen.
That escalator inside and on the left is the one you take to get to registration for the con along with the Vendor's Room, photo-ops room, and the Pavilion room for the Sunday Breakfast.
A very colorful view of the lit up rooms.
The tall tower piercing through a foggy night.
The glass ceiling of the Pavillion room.
Again, this is a pretty setting for the Sunday Breakfast. Even Jensen & Jared were impressed with it the first year of VanCon.
There are plenty of flowers on the grounds out front.

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