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Updated: SPN Season 7 Titles & Filming Dates
There are now titles for episodes 6-9. Keep in mind, titles are subject to change, as I'm sure a few of these are. *g*

Locations List Project:

:: Uploaded Season 6 location caps to PB
:: Updated the LJ posts with a few locations from Season 1

Seriously starting to freak out about not getting this done in time for VanCon. Eeep. :(

Three-part E!Online interview with Jensen & Jared. Somewhat spoilery, but nothing earth-shattering or what you couldn't surmise from the end of last season or the latest Season 7 promo.
Oh, and Jensen, you can just keep crossing your arms like that for as long as you like. *drools* :D

Thanks to _hopefulness_ for the videos. :)

I've already read of people freaking out over these. I really have no idea why. What's gonna happen is gonna happen and what we're being fed right now is supposed to stir the fandom up. Mission accomplished, I'd say. Some are going to like it, others not. Truth is, we won't know what's going to play out until we see it on the screen. Remember all the spoilers and leaked info. of season's past? Not all of that came true. Wait and see, that's my motto. ;)

Either way, I'm with SPN for the long haul. *chains self to show and throws away the key* :D

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