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VanCon: Are we panicking yet?

I think so. Gah!!!!!!

I've got a day and a half to do way too many things before we leave for Vancouver Thursday morning.

As it stands right now:

:: Locations List - A lost cause, I'm afraid. I'd need a week, maybe 2 to complete it at this point. I'm upset that I can't finish it, but packing & getting ready for the convention has to come first.

I'll be making a more informative post about this in a little bit.

:: Packing - Haven't even begun on the clothes yet, or much of anything else. Plan on beginning this evening.

:: Con stuff - Got my tickets printed out, but still need to print out pics for autographs. Plan on having the Comic Con bag signed by just Jensen & Jared on Sunday.

:: Location Hunting - We (my mom & I) will be going out hunting locations on Monday (Aug 29th) and Tuesday (Aug 30th). metallidean_grl is coming w/us on Monday & Tuesday and sn_mistress is coming along on Tuesday.

That leaves a seat free for Monday. Anyone wanna come along?

Then there's the new eyeglasses saga. Picked them up Monday, wore them all day/evening. Was wondering why I kept fidgeting with them and why the backs of my ears were hurting. The earpieces are way too long on these things. Longer than on my old ones and curved straight down. Anyway, I was comparing the 2 side by side before I went to bed and one part of the frame on the new pair broke right off!!! Gah!!!!

So we had to go back today and naturally, that was the only frames they had left in that color (it was copper/gold looking). So they put my lenses into the other color (gunmetal grey). The gal did a good job of fitting them to me. Much better than the guy on Monday IMO. He kept bending the part that broke off. Funny how I joked to him that he might break it and he said they were pretty strong. Turns out I was right! The gal who helped me today said she'd never seen a pair break like that. Anyway, I'll be taking my old glasses with me...just in case. So far, so good with these new ones. My eyes are still adjusting to the new prescription (shopping yesterday was trippy). Mom's gotta get used to her new ones, too (which is another long story *sigh*).

Anyway, Monday was way too long and we basically got nothing done at home because of it and today we still had to go out when we'd planned on packing and such here at home and now that's been cut down to half a day. It'll be a miracle if we can be ready by 10 a.m. Thursday.

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