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SPN Filming Locations - Status

My friends, I'm down to the wire and things have not gone well for updating all the SPN Filming Locations. My time online the past few weeks has been short and I realized the other night that I'm not going to have an updated list this year for VanCon.

I feel horrible about this. I take great pride in my list and my ability to update it each year about this time. There's nothing worse than feeling I've let so many people down by not accomplishing my task.

If it's any consolation, I did get the Google Map of Locations updated completely along with making separate Google Maps based on areas in and around Vancouver. I hope this will make things easier for me and everyone else searching for locations this coming weekend.

As much as I wanted to update the LJ posts and PDF files for each season, and add in Season 6's locations, I'm out of time and finishing up my packing is much more important.

Over the next few months I will finish updating things completely, but for now, enjoy what is available on my Master Post. All the Google Map links are there.

SPN Filming Locations: Master Post w/PDFs & Google Maps

Thank you all for your support in this project. I hope you'll still find it useful despite it's lack of full completion at this time. *hugs*

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