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VanCon 2011: Here at last

Was a long day with some late starts, but we are here!!!!! Beautiful downtown Vancouver, BC. :D

Didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the city, but I hope to in the days to come. The weather was sunny, warm, and a little muggy. Sounds like we'll have perfect weather the whole weekend and beyond.

Didn't have any traffic issues, except the usual slowdown through Seattle and then a huge slowdown going through the Massey Tunnel up here getting into Richmond. Took us 40 minutes! Getting over the border was pretty fast and the hunky border guard didn't ask very many questions at all. Always interesting when I mention we're here for the convention of a TV show. :P

We've got our usual room (3rd year) and it's beginning to really feel like a 2nd home. :D
They've even got new lamps and things. Sweet.

I love looking at the apartment buildings around here, especially at night. So pretty. Plus, okay...I wonder if Jensen lives in any of them. *g*

Since registration is only tomorrow morning I expect huge lines as everyone tries to get the extra goodies Creation added at the last minute: 3 hr. dinner cruise w/Misha and a Jensen/Misha photo-op, among others. Usually Friday is the late starting day...not so this year!

Oh, I've decided to have only Jensen & Jared sign the Comic-con bag. That way I only have to take it with me on Sunday. Oh, and I've got my 5 duckies. Still need to sign and name them. *g*

Since I need to get to bed a little earlier, I think I'll end up posting my Daily Fanart & Just 'Cause before midnight. Sleepy already...*yawns*

Looking forward to day one and meeting up with friends! :D

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