raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

VanCon 2011: Day 1 Pics

It was a long, fun-filled, exhausting first day and I wouldn't have changed a thing. :)

Sorry I can't offer up more details, but I'm tired and I've got my 2 usual LJ posts to do before I can go to bed. There'll be more details of everything when I get home. :D

First panel was Alona & Chad. Chad walked around amongst the crowd a lot (ala Richard) because he "can't be tamed". ;)
Colin Lawrence, who spent a lot of his panel finding out where everyone was from.
Richard, constantly in motion and a laugh a minute. :D
The Misha Boat Cruise...awesome in every way. Beautiful views...
Misha called these two piles of sulfur, saying this is where the show gets it from. :P
We traveled under the Lions Gate Bridge, along with Burrard & Granville bridges.
Misha on the top deck, chatting with fans in the setting sunlight.
He made sure to go around talking to as many people as possible.
Magic hour light on the city.
A gorgeous sunset on English Bay.
Returning to the bejeweled city at night. :)

Tags: actors: misha collins, personal photos, picspam, supernatural, vancon 2011
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