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VanCon 2011: Day 2 - Or, yes that is a duck on stage w/Misha

Wow. Jam-packed 2nd day of VanCon and I'm happy to report I'm not quite as run down as I was at the end of Friday.

Sadly, my photography-fu wasn't with me Saturday. I had the settings off from the start, then I found out the image stabilization switch was turned off...*sigh*. The only real good shots I finally got was in the latter half of Misha's panel. I hope Sunday it get it all correct for the boys.

First panel of the day was with Location Manager, Russ Hamilton. Elusive as ever in answering questions and letting the f-bombs fly! Oh, and seeking a raise from producer, Jim Michaels who was in the audience. :P
Steven Williams. Loved it when he came out to his own self-introduction. The man's got style and he's very funny. :D
Corin Nemec had some funny stories to tell, namely about why he doesn't do Trek conventions anymore. Watch out for those Klingons!
Richard & Matt's panel was great fun! They were tired of being on stage (and probably a little worse for wear from the Kareoke the night before), so they spent most of their time down in the audience.
Matt spent a lot of time on our side of the room. :D
Richard...always on the move, but I did get a few shots.
Sebastian Roche, what a delight! Why did the panel conversation keep going to sex? Because Sebastian kept it there! LOL Seb rode the giant duck....
and then Misha did as well. Yes, that's an inflatable duck. Took a fan 4 hours to "blow" it up. Yes, that was an ongoing joke.
Misha was his usual, quirky self, even trying to calm us all down a bit after Sebastian's influence. It didn't work. LOL

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