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After VanCon 2011: SPN Studio Backlot Burns

Went out Monday afternoon with my mom & metallidean_grl to do some location hunting. We naturally swung by the studio and areas around it, including the former "Watchman" set, now called SPN's Backlot. We tried our best to get some good photos of the city store-fronts, but it's not easy with the fences and walls. While being over at Burnaby Park nearby, metallidean_grl & my mom said something was burning with lots of black smoke nearby. Sure enough, as we headed back towards the backlot, we found out the building right next door was in flames. o.O

We parked in the shopping area across the street and stood in awe for a bit as we watched a building we'd just been next too a short while before burn. Numerous fire trucks arrived and the battle was on to put out the accelerating blaze. It took a couple of hours, but soon we could see they'd finally gotten it under control. We were worried about the main street of the set burning, but we're still unsure if any of it was damaged or not.

Please check out hells_half_acre's post about the fire for more info. about what was damaged in relation to SPN's production. She was on the location tour when Location Manager, Russ Hamilton got the phone call about the fire.

Watched a news broadcast by CTV and apparently some workers in the storage building were cutting up scrap metal, there was a spark that launched the fire, then a broken gas main that fueled it even more. They tried to put it out themselves, but realized they couldn't and called for help. The firefighters had to use a backhoe to break through the pavement and turn off the gas line. There was also propane tanks nearby that exploded, further complicating things. No reports of anyone being hurt or killed in the fire.

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