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Post VanCon 2011: Not a good idea

The plan was to go around with metallidean_grl location hunting for another day. seesmooshrun & sn_mistress decided to head out on their own, but not without calling me and letting me in on the location where SPN would be filming for the day. *squee* :D

So we were off...separately, but we did meet up in town. We got there and found the crew in full set-up mode. They'd already put up some signs on a couple local businesses and were also adding streetlights and flowers. There was a light up on a crane and shining in the the 2nd story window of the building they were at. Outside of that, there were various trucks and vans behind the building and along one side. We joined a group of fans and we all seemed to be of the same mind that we were there to just catch a glimpse of Jensen and/or Jared. We didn't expect anything more. There was also a general consensus that we were not the crazy types of fans that infringed on filming and caused trouble. We knew to keep our distance. At one point the small group of us fans saw Lou Bollo & Ivan Hayden walk down the street away from the location and we all waved at each other. Later on we waved at Clif as he shuttled to and from the location and the Circus a little ways away. I think he recognized how well-behaved we were and smiled to us both times he drove past.

In need of some food, we broke away from town for lunch, then returned. Nothing much had changed. We did take a look at the filming notice and had our suspicions confirmed that they were only filming interiors today. No matter, we'd stick around and see if the boys showed up. Other fans said they'd be there around 5. Well 5 came and went, and still no actors outside of a few glimpses of guest stars and then extras. Meanwhile, we're standing this whole time and explaining to passers-by what we were doing there. It did get old after a while and we all joked about lying to people next time they asked.

Soon it was getting dark, the temperature was dropping, and our bodies had taken about as much as they could. We debated about leaving, thinking if we did the guys would surely show up soon after. Ultimately, we did leave a little after sunset and about a half hour before they were set to film (though I'm sure they were filming inside w/other actors the whole time we were there). It was disappointing to leave before seeing the guys show up, but the uncertainty of it all was too much and we were too sore and tired at that point to care. So we left, feeling a little stupid for wasting a lot of time on nothing. *sigh* We could've gone looking at a bunch more locations and instead we hung around on a street corner all day. :(

The only consolation is that the production will be back there tomorrow for interior AND exterior filming for most of the day. There's also the possibility of the Impala being there, so that's a big motivator to go back. We'll be checked out of our hotel by then, so we won't have to deal with going back into Vancouver afterwards. Instead we'll be heading for Washington and home.

It's a little sad to think this is our last night in Vancouver. Wish I was able to enjoy it a little more. My neck is killing me. Been living on Bayer Aspirin a lot the past few days. Driving, of course, further aggravates it. I'm hoping once I get home and can just relax that it'll have the chance to really heal.

For now I'm still reliving my VanCon moments. It really was a great Con, even though I missed out on a few things. I know it won't hit me until I'm home that it's all suddenly over. I wish there'd been more time. More time to be with friends, more time to laugh during panels, more time to stare into Jensen's gorgeous face....

Even though it was cool to see the crew and equipment this afternoon, I regret staying there so long for nothing. It was hard on us all and there was no payoff. Can only hope that things go better tomorrow.

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