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VanCon 2011: Tidbits

I know you're all eager for my VanCon reports, but there's lots of photos to sort thru and take care of and it's going to take a little while. In the meantime, think of this post as a little teaser of what's to come. :P

  • Number of Photo-ops: 11
  • Number of Autographs: 12
  • Most memorable Photo-Op: Jensen/Misha because of the body contact alone! Eeeee!!!! :D
  • Best Photo-Op Pic: I love practically all my photo-ops this year, but I'll have to go with the J2 one as my top fave. I think it may even trump the one from 2009.
  • Memorable non-VanCon moment: The naked guy outside the convention hotel on Saturday.
  • Best Autograph Moment: This is tough. I really don't have a "moment" this time. I did have Matt Cohen sign the pic I took of him last yr. that he's using as his Twitter avatar and that was pretty cool. But I guess I'll go with Jensen just 'cause...you know. *g* Had no clue of what to say to him, so I went spontaneous and noted his cool watch. He said the spinning was from body movement and that's what made the watch run. Cool!
  • Memorable VanCon moment: Probably Jensen whipping out that knife during the Sunday Breakfast. HOLY COW! HOW HOT WAS THAT?!?! That wasn't Jensen on that stage, that was pure Dean Winchester. So awesome how he made good on the threat to the duck later on in the panel. *g* (See pic below)
  • Biggest regret: Not meeting all my online friends. So sorry I missed many of you. *huggles*
  • Biggest VanCon Disappointment: There was no free gift at registration and no convention mini-poster in the vendor's room. Boo! Not cool, Creation. :(
  • Best ticket buy: The Misha Dinner Cruise. Totally worth the hefty price tag. It was a dream! Perfect weather, scenery, photo opportunities galore, great food, and a charming host. I feel I was part of something truly special and I'm so glad I splurged on it. :)
  • Best Awwww Moment: Jensen talking about him making a little tent around the baby in the car seat from 5x02 because it was hot. *says goodbye to ovaries*
  • Best SPN crew member: Mike the PA from Wednesday's location filming. He was SO nice to our group of fans, even apologizing for making us move repeatedly! The guy was doing his job and we all totally understood. He was great, joking around with us, and even telling us little bits about the production. :)
  • Best on location moment: Jensen bending over so the hairstylist could get his hair just perfect for a scene. Too Cute! Second only to him spreading his legs way out so he stood shorter so another gal could fix his make-up a little later on.
  • The Boys are Awesome Moment: During their last scene on location the guys pulled up in the Impala to our group of fans not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! The last 2 with Jared chatting with us. :D :D :D

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