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Personal Update

You know I've been talking about my sore neck that I got at VanCon. It happened during Jensen & Jared's panel on Sunday. I still have no idea what caused it. At the time I suspected my muscles tensed up and seized on me. Because I couldn't take anything for several hours I was in a lot of pain, even just holding still. Luckily, I was able to take some Bayer Aspirin Advance Formula that I had with me and within 15 min. I was almost completely pain free. During our final days in Vancouver, I continued to have pain, but the Bayer helped take off the edge.

Since coming home however, the pain hasn't lessened like I was hoping. Not wanting to take the Bayer all day long, I searched for other answers. Mom rubbed some Aspirtame (spelling?) on it, which did absolutely nothing. Sometimes it feels a little better, but then it'll flair back up again. Lately, the left back part of my neck has been feeling a little numb, causing me to think a nerve is getting pinched. I actually felt something similar as I was packing up the car for us to leave Vancouver. At one point I noticed the fingers on my left hand were tingling. It went away after a minute or two, but I can't help but wonder about the connection to my neck. I still have trouble at times moving my head in either direction very far, but if I take the Bayer it's better for a few hours.

I've also got 2 small bumps on my left upper lip. Have no clue why. They don't hurt or itch. They're not even red. They're just annoying. Weird. I'm also dealing with the sunburn I got last Wednesday while out at SPN's filming location all day. The part on my chest still hurts a little and the milder burn I got on my face started peeling the other day. Fun times.

Meanwhile...there's my mom.

She hasn't been well since we arrived in Vancouver. She had pain in her kidney area, her blood sugar readings went off the chart, and soon she wasn't feeling well at all. I think she had one good day the whole week we were there. On our final day she also developed gout in her left foot. Since coming home and even trying to get back to her normal diet, things haven't improved. The gout won't go away, despite her taking medication for it which normally clears it up within a day or two. Her blood sugar readings are way too high (over 200) and it's like she hasn't been taking medication for that at all. Her ankles are swollen and she still doesn't feel good. She's also been coughing and sneezing a lot (there was a gal on location Wed. that was coughing a lot, but honestly I was around her more than my mom was).

Naturally, this all comes to a head over a holiday weekend. She's run out of 2 of her medications and we'll be trying to get more of them later this afternoon. We also need to get her in to see her doctor about the gout and her out of control blood sugar readings so she can start to feel better. Somehow her body is out of control.

So she's worried about me and I'm worried about her. We're going to try and take care of some of her problems today, but I worry how she'll even get ready to go out with all the pain she's in. I help where I can, but she's very stubborn. I'm hoping we can get her into the doctor late today or Wednesday 'cause wouldn't you know she's got a mammogram scheduled for Thursday. There's also more doctor appointments set up next week that we made long before we left for Vancouver. *sigh*

So there you have it. My main concern is getting my mom well before myself. At least I can still function despite my neck. Right now she's having trouble in a lot more ways than I am.

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