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Poll: SPN S6 Caps now or BluRay caps later?

So I've got all these SPN Season 6 caps sitting around and I'm already way behind on posting them for everyone. Thing is...I'm wondering if I should even bother? Maybe I should wait until I get the BluRay downloads of S6 and cap/post those. Who knows when that will be though, seeing as the BluRay discs for Season 6 go on sale tomorrow. Might be a month or so before downloads show up online.

So I thought I'd put it up to a vote for what you want:
Season 6 caps I've got now?
Season 6 BluRay caps later?
Or both? (I will gladly do both if that's what the majority wants)

Do you want the S6 Caps I have now or wait for ones from BluRay later?

I'll take the S6 caps you have now
I'll wait for the S6 BluRay caps
I'll take both!
Ooooh...tickie! :)

Thanks for your input folks! I appreciate it. :D

Tags: adventures in screencapping, help, poll, supernatural
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