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VanCon 2011: SPN Location Photos

I have reports about my experiences, the panels, and such that will come a little later on, but for now I want to share my photos from the convention & afterwards.

The Monday & Tuesday after the convention were mostly spent going around to past filming locations. I say mostly because a lot of Tuesday was actually spent where the SPN production was filming (those photos will be in the following post). Didn't get to as many past locations as in years past, but seeing the guys filming the show was worth the sacrifice. :D

Btw, Monday was also the day the building near SPN's backlot burned. You can read my report about it HERE along with photos & videos. All the photos I have of the fire are also included with the locations photos here in the zipped folder.

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Filming Locations Photos (80mb): http://www.mediafire.com/?44gybr7bgo9pydj

:: Click on sample pics to see larger ::

If you need any of these photo locations identified I'm happy to help out. :)

SPN's Backlot before fire
SPN's Backlot before fire
LuLu Trestle
LuLu Trestle
5x01's end scene
Mystery Spot street
Gas station from Route 666
Route 666 end scene
River Road pull-off
Ft. Langley street (Croatoan & The Song Remains The Same)
Ft. Langley park (Croatoan & Hunted)
99 Problems church
Motel from 99 Problems
Bridge scene from Weekend At Bobby's

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