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♦♦♦ Bought SPN S6 DVDS from Target yesterday with the Comic Con bonus disc. At first I was a little miffed, hearing it was the 2010 Comic Con panel, but once I watched it everything fell into place. Truth is, they all talked about Season 6 quite a bit, so it makes sense that it was included with this season's set.

Extra, extra bonus on the Comic Con video? There's footage shown of Jensen directing "Weekend At Bobby's" that I've never seen before. It's interspersed with stuff we have seen (such as the DVD set's doc about Jensen directing), but I saw some video that was most definitely new. No audio for it, as Jensen is talking from the panel over it, but still...cool stuff indeed! :D

♦♦♦ Also got to watching the SPN Anime DVDs last night. LOVE the intros by the guys. So cute! *g* Even though I've seen most of them already on youtube, it's great to see that little bit of them before each episode. Hearing "Carry On Wayward Son" during the closing credits makes me wish that was used for SPN's episodes. Cool having the little added bonus scenes at the end of each episode, too.

So nice to hear Jared's voice on each of the Anime episodes and while I wish Jensen had done the same, Andrew Farrar does a really good job of Dean's voice. In one episode he just about sounded like Jensen.

Btw, I'm posting little reviews of each of the Anime episodes on my Tumblr for anyone's interested.

♦♦♦ All at once, I've realized I now have a lot of new things to cap. :P

- Cap the extras on the Season 6 DVD set
- Cap the Comic Con bonus disc
- Cap the SPN Anime episodes (there's some really cool images)
- Cap the SPN Anime DVD features & extras (helloooo boys!)

Luckily, my capping finger is getting itchy again. *g*

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