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Capping SPN's Season 7 is gonna be rough

Bing Shows Up on the CW’s Fall TV Programming


This fall, the CW will give a lot of airtime to a new up-and-comer: Microsoft’s Bing.

The search engine will appear on the lower third of TV programming during certain shows, highlighting “TV to Bing About,” a twist on the network’s “TV to Talk About” slogan.

Popular CW shows like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model and 90210, among others, will get the lower-third treatment three to four times per show...


Can I say, as a screencapper, this totally sucks ass! OMG As if the HUGE CW logo in the bottom right corner wasn't intrusive enough now I've gotta contend with THIS?!?!? WTH???? Where does it stop? Why show the episodes at all? Let's just run advertising 24/7, huh??? I don't mind commercials, but when the advertising infringes on my show that's taking things too far. I don't want to have an emotional scene going on and then the lower third of the screen suddenly is taken over with garish graphics and text.

I do not like this.

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