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2 SPN FanFic Recs

I've got a whole folder of SPN FanFics that I need to start reccing so I can recycle the printed pages. Of course, my problem is that I tend to forget the plot of a fic soon after I've finished reading it. :P So I'm going to be re-reading them and posting them here 2 or 3 at a time.

No surprise that all of these will be h/c fics. So if that's not your thing...go elsewhere. ;)

Neither of these is overly long. The first is a little over 3,000 words. No clue about the 2nd one.

:: Tortured Souls by Scoobert0
Author's Summary: Dean is kidnapped and tortured by demons and Sam has to save him.
Lots of graphic torture of Dean in this one and Sammy to the rescue!

:: Head Games by tifaching
Author's Summary: Concussed, temporarily blind Dean is tormented by the spirit that injured him. Awesome Sam to the rescue.
This is one amazing and menacing spirit! Note: This is a 2-part story.

Tags: fic recs, links, supernatural
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