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Quickies 25 - Flist Edition

:: I'm ready for fall/winter
Bought this Columbia Argon Ice Parka yesterday. Not through Amazon, but at a local store, on sale. Still an expensive sucker, but you're getting 3 jackets in one, so it's quite an investment. You can wear the outer shell as a light, rain jacket or the blue fleece jacket alone, or combine the two together. I love Columbia jackets. Already have a black fleece one that I wear a lot. :)

:: Health Update
I'm doing a lot better from my various VanCon woes. My neck is basically healed up. There's only the slightest bit of pulling when I turn my head either direction. My sunburn that I got on the last day on location (Aug 31st) has turned into a nice tan. The 2 weird bumps on my upper lip disappeared. The only thing left is the pain in my lower, left back, but even that is getting better each day. It's still stiff and sore in the mornings, making getting dressed a little painful, but as the day goes on I limber up and within a few hours I hardly notice it at all.

Still haven't gotten back to walking yet, but I plan on it. With my back feeling better I hope to start walking next week. Don't want to start packing on the few pounds I lost since VanCon.

As for mom, she's seeing improvements, too. After a visit with all her doctors her blood sugar readings are starting to come down *knocks on wood*. Her mammogram was fine with no signs of the cancer returning. However, she does have a slight case of anemia which they're looking into and her liver functions showed something weird. She had an ultrasound done Thursday morning for the liver issue, so we'll see what's up with that. The gout she had from the trip up to Van finally cleared up on it's own. It's been weeks, but the past couple of days I'm finally starting to notice that she's feeling a little better. I think it's because the blood sugar is finally coming down. We were starting to think the increase in her meds would never bring it down! Here's hoping the blood sugar comes down and stays down! I've been worrying and stressing over mom's condition for a while now, so I'm hoping she's turned a corner for the better.

:: Friendings are complicated
My SPN Season 7 Friending Meme is turning into somewhat of a let down. It's really not attracting that many people though I'm happy some folks have formed connections with it. Nobody's made me an offer, but oh, well...that's the way it goes sometimes.

I must admit, I'm planning on doing a friends cut sometime soon, but I still thought a Friending Meme coinciding with the start of the new season would be fun. Instead it's left me a bit disappointed. I know...whine, whine, complain, complain.

:: Icons
Been feeling the need to swap in some new icons. I know I just did this recently, but I'm already regretting some I added in and wishing I had others in their place. This is what happens when one has too many icons to choose from. *sigh*

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