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First Impressions: 7x01 Meet The New Boss

Trying something new (yes, again) this season with my reviews.

I feel the need to express my opinion about the episodes, but I want it to be fun for all of you and easy for me. Trying to walk that tightrope is a tricky thing. We'll see how this goes...a picspam with some of my thoughts and maybe a quote here and there. Let me know what you think.

Warning: Image heavy!

We pick up right were 6x22 left off. Bobby, Dean, and Sam start to kneel, but Cas can see right through it.

He knows they're only feeling fear, not loyalty or love to him. The "favorite pets" line. Ouch!

Sam's not doing too well and Cas knows it.

He easily wipes out all the angels formerly loyal to Raphael.

LOVE the new title sequence! Creepy!

Very cool camera move to show Dean starting to repair the car.

“So’re you fixin’ her or primal screaming?” LOL

Cool bit from SuperWiki that I didn't catch: Dean is wearing a Survivor "Eye of the Tiger" t-shirt at the beginning of the episode while repairing the Impala.

Love the call back to S2's ELAC about what Dean can do is fix the car.

Hellooooo one layer-wearin' Sam/Jared. :)

I already wanna know where this church is. Once a location hunter, always a location hunter. ;)

Nice and very cool touch with the image of Cas being put into the stained glass window.

Sam has a scary hallucination featuring meat hooks from hell. o.O

Poor Sammy!

I'd like to point out the abundance of Dean/Jensen arm!porn! in this episode. Thank you Sera! Thank you!!!!

And look! It's that shirt we haven't seen in AGES! *drools over the arm*

Yeah....need I say more? *guh*

Crowley's new digs. Oh, how the mighty have fallen, indeed.

He is not pleased to be found by Cas. “Bollocks.”

Sam listens in on Dean & Bobby's conversation about him. He keeps telling Dean he's fine.

Nice work overalls. :)

Love the way Dean is standing/leaning here. *iz shallow*

The arm crossing's not bad either. :P *ahem* Anyway, they've summoned Crowley to give them the spell to bind Death.

Cas is not doing too well. I like how he and Sam are kind of going through the same thing...hearing sounds/voices.

Those souls are not too happy. They want out!

Love Sam & Bobby's reactions of how Dean dealt with the owners. Oh, and the Grey Poupon line from Dean as he takes out a guard totally had me LOL!

How on earth did Dean get them tied up when the dude had a rifle trained on him?

Dean gets his arm bled for the ritual to summon Death. But, yay! more arm!porn! for me! :D

Nice effect of Death being bound.

Gotta love Dean's moxie as he speaks to Death, but with obvious fear.

Death reveals that there's not just souls that Cas took in, but The Old Ones...the Leviathans. Not good, not good at all...

Cas shows up and a great scene between him and Death ensues. Death: “Annoying little protozoa, aren’t they?”

Death: "Please, Cas. I know God, and you, sir, are no God."

I still don't quite get this part. Cas unbinds Death then takes off to the campaign office over "abuse of power". Maybe Death didn't kill him because he released him?

Dean's a little pissed off over being blamed for not saving the planet up to Death's expectations.

Poor Castiel looks in horror over all the lives he took under the Leviathan's control.

Sam still believes Cas can be saved.

And Dean points out that Sam lied to him again...keeping the hallucinations from him. However, Sam explains that he was just trying spare Dean from another burden.

The boys see Cas on the campaign office camera. Creepy Cas is creepy.

Dean's more convinced than ever that Cas can't be reached.

Sam goes out and calls for the former angel anyway. I love how he doesn't give up on his friend, despite Cas tearing down the wall in his brain.

Cas shows up! Looking awful, he asks for help.

Castiel tries to tell Dean he's remorseful, that he'd fix Sam if he had the strength.

Dean's not really ready to forgive & forget...yet.

Lucifer!!!! Sam's sure this is another hallucination, but Luci tells him otherwise...he's been imagining all of this since he escaped the cage. He's still in the pit.

Don't believe him Sam! That flinch when Lucifer mentions pulling the wool off his eyes. Heartbreaking.

Awww...Bobby reassuring Cas.

Dean goes to find Sam and only sees the jar of blood. Not good. Where did Sam go?

Dean's starting to soften...he picks Cas back up when he falls during the ritual.

Cas apologizes one last time.

Impressive visual effects as the souls return to Purgatory.

Dean shows concern right away for Cas.

Who appears to be very dead. :( Dean: "Cas you child! Why didn't you listen to me?"

But he's alive! Yay! And back to himself and feeling ashamed for what he's done. He's determined to redeem himself to Dean.

But the Leviathan takes over! I can already tell Misha's going to have a lot of fun with this new role. ;)

Dean gets thrown into one of those tables...again! Ouch!

And they thought Cas as God was scary.

Cas/Leviathan: "Now this is going to be so much fun!" *evil laughter*

Do I really need to say I loved the episode? You know me by now, right? I love just about every episode (except stupid Swap Meat).

This episode hit all the right notes and once again I was impressed by how much they packed into one hour. I'm not going to blather on about the acting because it was all top notch, as always. I can't wait to see what Misha does with this Leviathan character. Seems right up his alley, allowing that more mischievous side to come out. Dean has a lot to deal with especially with Sam missing and obviously still suffering from the wall being broken. And Sam...what can he be thinking after that meet up with Lucifer? Can't wait to find out next week. ;)

My one complaint? We got a brief shot of the functioning-again Impala, but that was it! I wanted more! Maybe next eppy?

So what do you think of this form of review? Good? Bad?

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