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And so it goes...

Getting in one of those moods where things in life are bringing me down. It hasn't been an easy month and you'd think that getting past a lot of that stuff would make me feel better? But then there's the online stuff...*sigh*

I want to apologize about my latest Friending Meme. It sucked, royally. :(
It was a spur of the moment thought about a week ago and I was so excited to post it. However, it's been nothing but a big let down. Maybe it was too long? Wrong topics? Bad timing? I don't know. Maybe it's because so many people are leaving the fandom due to last season?

Anyway, I want to say I'm sorry to those of you on my flist who filled it out and then, like me, got no responses. I've never had a friending meme tank like this one. Might keep me from doing one in the future. I couldn't even find anyone new I was interested in. :(

It sucks to be one of the last people (maybe THE last one) to post caps for the latest episode. I don't know how people get their downloads and then do the capping so fast! I didn't get a good download until Saturday and then capped it that evening. I still have to upload them all.

Meanwhile, all the other cappers on LJ have posted theirs. Why would anyone want mine now? Picspams are being made, fanarts, icons. Nobody's going to even care about my caps for 7x01. I'm so proud of these caps, too! They look great! I got a logo-free download and I was so excited I tweeted about it.

My caps are a labor of love for me. I use them for my own works and enjoyment, but I love to share them with others to use as well. It's just tough to always be late to the party. People don't need multiple sets of caps for an episode. Why on earth would they want mine after they've gotten someone else's? Crap. *iz depressed*

Tags: adventures in screencapping, emo, flist, livejournal, ramblings
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