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It's not spring cleaning, it's fall cleaning

I'm preparing to do a massive friends cut...and I DO mean massive.

I've got 44 people on my "Defriend" List. Some of them are people I thought I'd never cut or who have been on my "do not cut list" for a very long time, but things have changed. I'd much rather have people on my flist that I'm actually close to, that I've formed a connection with. That just isn't the case with everyone anymore. Might change my mind about some people once I actually start to do the cut, but we'll see.

The reasons for this defriending are: either we never made a connection, we've lost common interests/don't interact anymore, or you haven't posted in months/a year. Some of you have also moved away from LJ and are now on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook more. That's cool...some of you I already follow on those other sites.

I've also found that some people have drifted away from SPN. Since my interest in the show is still very strong, I'd prefer to have people on my flist who do love the show. If you're no longer a fan of SPN, feel free to defriend me.

Not sure when I'll actually do the cut. Could be today, could be sometime this week. All I know is I want this done. As much as I dislike defriending people, I feel this one is necessary for me to keep LJ as my happy place where I feel comfortable.

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