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Missing SPN Sountrack Music

Making this a flocked post because I'm slightly paranoid.
What you do with these tracks beyond here is your business. Feel free to repost/share/re-upload these where you like.

This was all prompted by oanaspn HERE. *g*

She'd been looking for certain music from "Croatoan" - namely the music when they first drive into town. I checked out the eppy to refresh my memory, then listened to the SPN Soundtrack, but sadly it's not there. Jay Gruska did that episode's music. So I looked him up on Google & found his official site. Sure enough...there they were: 2 tracks from "Croatoan" that are NOT on the official soundtrack CD.

So I recorded them with Audacity and voila! :D He also had the Together sitcom theme song from "Changing Channels" so I grabbed that too. :P

The tracks from "Croatoan" are from when the boys first drive into town (Oregon Town) and the final scene by the water (Take A Break). I'd been wanting that final scene music for so long. It's beautiful! :D

I've zipped all 3 tracks into a folder for your downloading pleasure.

Since it's on SendSpace, once the activity on the file ceases for a 30 day period it's deleted, so get it while you can.

Tags: goodies, music, squee, supernatural
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