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Fanfic: "And The Wall Comes A' Tumblin' Down" (Missing Scene from 7x02)

This little plot popped into my head the other day and today it wouldn't let me go. Since I don't actually write all that much anymore I still feel pretty rusty at it.
I must admit, it feels good to actually act on one of my story ideas so quick. You should see all the other stories I'm "working" on! :P

This is short. A little scene I felt was needed during that commercial break from when Dean called 911 and the ambulance ride. Enjoy. :)

Title: And The Wall Comes A' Tumblin' Down
Word Count: 669
Summary: After calling 911, Dean's wall breaks.
Warnings: Spoilers for 7x02.
Disclaimer: Eric Kripke still owns Sam & Dean. Dammit.

Episode quote from 7x02 "Hello Cruel World".

Btw, I don't have a beta and any mistakes are purely my own.


"Sammy! Hey, c'mon now. C'mon, I'm the one with the broken leg you gotta carry me. Sam!"

Dean hung up on the 911 dispatcher, telling her only the bare minimum of information. How he was going to explain a body leaking black ooze under a car, he had no idea, but that wasn't really his concern now.

He grabbed onto Sam's shirt once again, trying to rouse his unconscious brother. "Sammy! C'mon, don't do this to me." At least Dean could tell Sam was breathing. That was something. He'd take about anything right now, any small glimmer of hope.

Normally he never would've called for a trip to the ER, but what choice did he have? Cas was gone, Bobby was MIA, Sam was out for count, and his own leg was busted nine ways to Sunday. He could barely remember the last time he'd broken a bone. Leviathans packed quite a punch.

He had to try Bobby again. Getting past the familiar voicemail message, his heart sank with the realization that the old man was still not picking up. Dean gritted his teeth at the throbbing in his leg as he spoke into the phone.

"Bobby. We ran into a Leviathan in the yard. We killed it but Sam's out cold and my leg's broken. We need you here, Bobby!" Dean's voice wavered, feeling he was leaving a message that would never be heard. "I've called for paramedics, but...I gotta know you're alright. Everything's fallin-... Please Bobby!"

He hung up and put his hand back on Sam's chest, his lower lip quivering with pain and dispair.

"Sam you gotta wake up, man. I can't...I can't lose you, too!"

Still no response, except for the rising and falling of Sam's chest.

Dean put his forhead against Sam's shoulder, feeling the warmth there and closing his eyes. Sam was alive. Okay, he could deal with that, but in what state? The incident in the warehouse had shaken them both up. It was rare he ever saw his little brother truly scared, but Dean could only imagine the things Sam's imaginary Lucifer was doing to him. A cut hand Dean could patch up, he was good at that, but this? How could he fix the damage going on in Sam's mind?

Dean grabbed a handful of his sibling's shirt and pulled, shaking, willing his brother to wake up, willing Cas to come back, willing Bobby to show up. But it wasn't happening. None of it.

Dean's body let out a shuddering sob. "Please...please. Someone. I can't do this..."

The tears fell from his eyes and into Sam's jacket. He no longer had the strength or the will to keep up the pretense of being alright anymore. Bobby had been right to worry about him earlier, but what did it matter now? Dean was alone, with nothing but his broken brother beside him. He cried for Cas, for Bobby, for having the weight of the world put on his shoulders for the umpteenth time, and for the fact that he and Sam, for all the good they'd done, never, ever seemed to catch a break. Since when had anything good happened to either of them? Something really good? Dean would count finally getting Sam back whole to him, but even that hadn't been perfect with Cas bringing down that wall. There was always something.

After crying for a few minutes, Dean could hear the wail of sirens approaching. He pulled himself together and wiped the remaining tears on his coat sleeve. Sam needed him now, more than ever.

He patted is brother's shoulder, his voice a little rough. "Help's on the way, Sammy. You're gonna be okay."

Dean rolled over onto his back with a groan as his leg protested the movement. He kept his hand on Sam's shoulder, hoping his brother would somehow know he was still there. Hearing the sounds of the paramedics approaching, Dean looked up at the cloudless sky and hoped beyond hope that they'd all be okay.


Not totally happy with the ending...heck the entire thing, truth be told. Like I said...rusty. Meh.
Thanks for reading.

Tags: crazy muse, fanfic, supernatural
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