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TV: What I'm watching

Thought I'd go through the list of TV shows I'm currently watching this season. :)


Dancing With The Stars -- Watching since the beginning, I didn't have much enthusiasm for this season's crop of "stars", however they're turning out to be a pretty good bunch after all. My favorites so far are: Chynna, David, J.R., and Hope.

Castle -- Loving the tension of a new boss at the precinct and the secret of Kate remembering her shooting from last season's finale. Now that her boyfriend's out of the way I HOPE we can finally start to get Beckett and Castle together.

Hawaii Five-O -- How awesome is it to have Terry O'Quinn back with his old Lost buddy? I'm lovin' this! The FiveO squad is back...now let's just get Kono in there and all will be right in paradise again. Btw, I have yet to watch last week's eppy. I'm hoping to see it before tonight, even though I watch Castle live and download H5O.

Terra Nova -- Very impressive Pilot. Made me think of a cross between Dark Angel and Jurassic Park. lol The visual effects are pretty impressive for a TV budget, but how long will they be able to keep that up? I like the characters, though that boy who ran off into the jungle needs some talking to, but I haven't formed a firm opinion of the show yet.


New Girl -- Liked the previews for this all summer long, so I thought I'd check it out. Have the first 2 eppies downloaded, but I haven't had time to watch them yet! Gah!

Parenthood -- LOVE this show and I'm so glad it's back. It's always an emotion-packed hour as we view the Braverman clan's ups and downs. Can I be shallow and say I like Amber's new hairstyle over Haddie's? :P


Survivor -- Another series I've watched from day one. Still need to see last week's eppy. I like Coach, but I gotta pull for Ozzy's team. :)


The Vampire Diaries -- This show just keeps getting better and better. They've woven together such a complex storyline, yet you never get lost in it. I have hope that Elena and Damon will bring Stefan back. Big fan of Tyler and Caroline, too and I hope Alaric sticks around.

The Secret Circle -- Looked interesting, so I thought I'd check it out. Plus, it's filmed in Vancouver, so I have fun picking out familiar locations. *g* Problem is...it's been putting me to sleep lately! The Pilot was fine, but since then it's been kind of a yawn-fest for me. I wanna like it, but I keep blanking out. *sigh* We'll see if I can keep up with this or have to abandon ship.

Prime Suspect -- Still need to see last week's eppy, but I really enjoyed the Pilot. Like the tough, no-nonsense female detective in a male-dominated squad that can look after herself while still having vulnerability.


Supernatural -- Well, DUH. LOL LOVE this season so far! So powerful. The Leviathans are a welcome addition to the mythology. Sorry to see Cas go, but it was time. The brothers, meanwhile, have never been more alone, but at the same time they're closer to each other than they've been in a long time. I'm all for that! You know me, I'm always up for the boys facing lots of challenges and it looks like they're going to have a truckload this season.

Fringe -- Still haven't seen the episodes for this season. Can you tell I'm behind on things? :P


The Amazing Race -- Shame that the other teams all picked out Survivor winners Ethan and Jenna. Sure, they won on that show and they don't NEED the money, but did you ever think they could give it away to charity? Anyway, they've already been eliminated, which is sad. I don't have a favorite team yet, but when on earth will these people read everything around them??? They're so busy literally racing here and there that they either don't read clues completely or miss signs that should be obvious to them. *sigh*

And there you have it. Sheesh! It's a wonder I have time to do anything but watch all these shows. It's one busy schedule!

Btw, PLEASE don't recommend any other shows for me to check out. I'm sure there's other great ones out there, but as you can see, I barely have time for the ones I'm watching now. If it's peaks my interest and it's good, I'll watch it. Otherwise, I'll pass or maybe check it out years from now.

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