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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 4x01 "Lazarus Rising"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

I know the file name of this says 4x02. That's 'cause I took it from the recap at the beginning of that episode, but it's really from 4x01 and I really liked it.
LJ is currently still having trouble, so I hope I can get this posted. Took me half an hour to get a pic posted to my comm. Because of LJ's maintenance, I still haven't gotten my 7x02 review or my caps posted. *sigh* Everything's ready to go, it's just...technicalities. Looks like I won't get some done until possibly early Friday. Bleh. Not what I wanted at all. However, the BluRay caps for 4x02 are completely ready to go and they'll be posted on Monday (if LJ's working by then). Have a good Thursday folks. We're one day away from Jensen's episode! *squee* :D

Tags: just cause, random cap, supernatural
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